Currently practicing at Denmark Family Practice (previously known as Dr Jane James’ Surgery), Dr Alex Sleeman offers an extensive range of medical services to look after the local residents and businesses of Denmark, Hay, Youngs Sidings, Albany, Walpole, Torbay and Mount Barker.


Dr Sleeman works with a team of General Practitioners and Nurses ensuring patients have continuity of care and the ability to work together to diagnose and treat complex conditions whilst ensuring your confidentiality.

Dr Sleeman uses computerised electronic patient records and prescribing software and the practice offers instant electronic claims through Medicare for eligible persons.

Dr Sleeman considers himself a true Generalist who is able to manage a variety of patient conditions without the unnecessary need for referral.


Young children do not have an immune system that is as well developed as older children and adults, meaning they are at a higher risk of infections. Immunisations can protect against serious childhood diseases and it is important that they are administered as per the WA vaccination schedule. 

Make an appointment with Dr Sleeman for your routine childhood vaccinations and check ups or additional vaccines that may be available. 


Chest pain is a common symptom that many patients complain about. Early intervention is important to understand if the pain is associated with cardiovascular disease (heart disease) - the leading cause of death in Australia.

Dr Sleeman is able to assess risk through taking a history, examination and appropriate testing.

A management plan can be developed including lifestyle changes and medication with Dr Sleeman and through his connection with allied health and Specialists. 


Dr Sleeman is qualified with a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRANZCOG). He has extensive experience in ante-natal care from working in the clinics at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Osborne Park Maternity Hospital. 

Dr Sleeman understands the benefits of continuity of care, so offers shared care with both the public antenatal clinic in Albany and various private obstetricians. 


If your medical condition needs referral to a Specialist Doctor, Dr Sleeman can help navigate patients on their health journey. Having worked across Perth and the Great Southern, he has developed close working relationships with an extensive network of Medical Specialists who are renowned in their field.


Please make a long appointment to discuss your travel plans at least six weeks prior to travel.

Dr Sleeman is up to date with all he latest guidelines on what vaccines are required for travel to overseas countries. He can also provide advice on malaria prophylaxis and the treatment of common traveller's illnesses such as traveller's diarrhoea. 


Contraception is a very personal choice and Dr Sleeman is well versed in all the options available to patients today.   

Dr Sleeman is qualified to insert and remove long-acting contraceptives including Mirena IUD and Implanon contraceptive implants. There are many benefits and considerations to long-acting contraception which Dr Sleeman is happy to discuss.

An initial consultation to discuss the best option is required at which time a prescription for a long-acting contraceptive can be written and the insertion procedure booked in.


Effective control of diabetes and other chronic diseases (such asthma) are very important - if left undiagnosed or poorly managed, diabetes patients can incur heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, blindness or limb amputations.

Early diagnosis and effective management is key to achieving the best quality of life for patients, and Dr Sleeman is able to work with his patients and other providers such as dieticians,  nurse practitioners and Specialists to undertake care plans and effective care reviews. 


Iron is essential for the body and iron deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms - including fatigue and lethargy.

Dr Sleeman offers intravenous iron infusions to replenish depleted iron stores.

This procedure is typically safe for most people (including those in their 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy).

Please book an initial consultation to have your iron levels checked and discuss whether an iron infusion is appropriate.

Iron infusions can be undertaken at a follow up appointment and usually take about 15 minutes. However, it is best to allow about an hour for full treatment.


Most skin cancers can be cured or removed if detected early. Dr Sleeman has undertaken additional training with a Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery  from The Skin Cancer College Australasia. 

He has a particular interest in this area of medicine and is qualified to remove most skin cancers without needing to see a Specialist.

Dr Sleeman will assess the patient in an initial consultation and discuss treatment options before booking any skin cancer excisions with a longer appointment.


Depending on the condition, when corticosteroids (also known as steroids) are injected into or surrounding a painful or injured area, they can reduce the associated pain and inflammation. 

This can also help improve joint mobility and reduce swelling. 

Conditions that are sometimes treated by steroid injections include arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis. 

There are some associated side effects of steroid use especially over long-term use, so it is best to book an initial consultation to discuss treatment options.



70 Strickland Street, Denmark WA 

Additional parking available at rear of the building (Praed Lane).

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                                GENERAL PRACT

Dr Sleeman encourages a trusting and open relationship and aims to be a trusted advisor to his patients whilst ensuring absolute confidentiality.

He considers himself a true generalist - understanding the broad range of issues that patients face, without needing to unnecessarily see a Specialist. Dr Sleeman also knows his limitations as a GP and is well associated with a network of Specialists who are renowned in their field. 

Working with a team of doctors and nurses, Dr Sleeman is able to leverage other medical providers with patient management when the need arises. That is, when your doctor is away, an equally experienced doctor within the practice can manage your health needs until your doctor returns from leave. This ensures your health is managed in a comprehensive, continuous and thorough manner at all times.

Dr Sleeman also has admitting rights for Denmark Hospital for non-emergency patient care. 

Having a speciality in Obstetrics, Dr Sleeman is qualified in the insertion and removal of both Implanon and Mirena contraceptives as well as the removal of most skin cancers



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